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When compared to a training course this approach is far more effective in delivering learning. I feel it unlocked a lot of my potential. I would say my effectiveness has improved from 58% to about 78%. If everyone in an organization achieved that the total effect would be very profound. This has helped take concerns and frustrations that Iíve had personally and translate them into an action plan for how the company could improve its quality of work and profitability. Iíve found it very useful and the benefits have been both specific and general - an unexpected benefit was a growing sense of confidence in my own general capability. The support and attention that I have received from my coach (even when I screwed up) has been wonderful. It was invaluable to be able to talk through some of the issues in more detail and explore different perspectives on the problems Iíd been facing. The fact that you have experience of the type of work and industry add value to the advice and support that you give. I found that an inspiration and a comfort. I think it is incredibly good value for money. I have received huge benefits from what I donít think is a large financial outlay.
LV, London

I have valued the opportunity to discuss work matters frankly and openly, and to know that I will receive constructive feedback and tangible suggestions for action. This work has helped me think more positively about approaching difficult challenges and has made me more assertive in dealing with them. I have felt more able to work through projects from start to finish, and more in control of the process and output. I have applied my new assertive self to tackling projects and new business work over the past few months; colleagues have commented on the fact that I seem Ďbusy but in controlí and clients seem content that work is being handled efficiently. It has made me feel less insecure about my position, helping me to gain in confidence and has left me feeling happier as a result. I had a concern that everyone around me seemed more capable than me but this has helped me realise that a successful company is made up of individuals and that I have made, and can continue to make, a unique contribution. I have benefited from having the opportunity to chat through issues connected with work in a constructive, objective way. It is often hard to know who to share concerns with when everyone is busy Ė so having an ally in Heather, an attentive person who understands enough about the business without being directly involved, has been invaluable. As has having to think through the issues and work out solutions or plans of action rather than allowing them to fester, and now being aware of my shadow traits Ė or the aspects that are likely to hold me back from reaching my end goals. Above all, the knowledge of how to approach a task confidently (and without hesitation) has been beneficial to my progress and mental wellbeing, and I have a much better sense of self-esteem. Heather is wise and insightful, and applies her experience, enthusiasm and intuition to providing constructive help. While showing me warmth and encouragement, she still provided a realistic assessment and was not afraid to identify and tackle areas for improvement.
DC, London
Want To Do Your Job Better?

Welcome To The Red Resource Work Performance Programme

  • Why Has It Been Developed?

  • Work Approach doesn’t appear as a subject on any school or other educational establishment curriculum
  • We all develop and then operate with our own working habits, often without thinking, and have no real idea how effective they are or how much more effective we could be unless we consciously review them
  • What employers most want from their people is for them to do their jobs better.  What employees most want is to be helped and supported to do their best.  This tool bridges the gap for a clear win/win
  • Training plus Coaching delivers an 80% better result than just training alone
  • Similar things trip all of us up in the workplace
  • To create a tool that allows work performance upgrade to happen broader and deeper in organisations
  • To prove effective interventions that deliver real results need not be prohibitively expensive

  • What Is It?

  • A unique Training/Coaching tool that every company and organisation should be aware of
  • A structured monthly programme, tailored to individual needs, built from a 'library' of targeted and self-contained pieces of material purposely designed to upgrade performance and effectiveness in the workplace, and includes the support of a dedicated Work Performance Coach throughout 
  • Both the material and the delivery methods are PROVEN as a practical way to focus efforts for meaningful results
  • The Red Resource Work Performance Programme provides COST-ACCESSIBLE COACHING that helps people do their jobs better

  • Do Their Jobs Better How?

  • Red Resource has identified the key aspects that impact how people perform at work
  • What matters most in our work is WHAT we do and HOW we do it
  • Focusing on the 'how' BOOSTS PRODUCTIVITY; improves and increases the quantity of what people can do
  • There are always new work approaches and strategies to learn
  • Two important aspects affect both the 'what' and the 'how' : how everyone gets along, and how people are in themselves
  • Focusing on 'how people are in themselves' IMPROVES PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL EFFECTIVENESS
  • One further aspect affects everything : the ‘conditions’ for work

  • Who Is It For?

  • Anyone who works, whatever their role, whatever their level
  • Anyone who appreciates that their company could achieve greater success through their people doing their jobs better
  • The programme is PARTICULARLY SUITABLE for companies, teams, and individuals in sectors that are essentially ‘service’ businesses in which creativity is the driving force and roles tend to be less structured.  Where conditions for work are often high pressure, quick turnarounds are a norm, multi-disciplinary teamwork is required, and there is a constant need to react and respond to clients needs.  This of course describes a vast majority of today's workplaces!  By way of example, companies in sectors such as advertising, media, marketing communications, design, branding and TV have already benefited from the programme
  • There is no company or organisation of any size that could not benefit by integrating or utilising this programme in some way; as a company, for specific teams, or for selected individuals

  • What Does The Library Of Coaching Material Contain?

  • The 'library' (currently) contains approx 20 individual items in 5 categories to cover the key aspects that impact how people perform at work
  • Each category focuses on one particular area of work and delivers a specific type of result
  • Items can be selected individually or via 'packages' that match the categories

  • What Makes It Unique?

  • Unlike passive online learning tools, The Red Resource Work Performance Programme provides AN ACTIVE AND INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE.  Active participation is required and 'real time' personal interaction with a dedicated Work Performance Coach is included
  • Unlike one-off training events, Coaching Challenges are worked on and new work approaches and strategies INTEGRATED INTO DAY-TO-DAY WORK to ensure they stick.  And this also means NO TIME OUT OF THE OFFICE
  • It includes the fundamentals for Coaching success : RELATIONSHIP AND ACCOUNTABILITY, through dialogue with the Coach and a built-in reporting process
  • Unlike some Work Performance Coaching options, participation is very COST ACCESSIBLE!

  • How Can I Use It?

  • The programme is available to individuals, groups and teams, and whole companies/organisations :
  • To align with your or any individual’s identified annual review/appraisal objectives (actively get from A to B)
  • To match to team or organisational (whole company) key issues
  • For you to select what MOST needs attention for you/your company item by item
  • For you to work in the category you feel is MOST in need of upgrade

  • How Does It Work?

  • Working on an item in the Red Resource Work Performance Programme amounts to a whole month of ongoing Work Performance Coaching support focused on that work performance issue.  (It takes 21-28 days to change a habit!)
  • Week 1           
Material is ‘delivered’, by email or in-person by arrangement
  • Weeks 1/2/3    
Material is considered and Coaching Challenges worked on
  • Week 2 or 3           
Individual/Group Coaching sessions by phone or in-person by arrangement
  • Week 4           
Report on experience submitted and responded to by Coach via email

  • What Are The Costs?

  • Cost for individuals is £195 per month
  • Cost for groups determined by numbers involved

  • Examples Of The Red Resource Work Performance Programme In Use

  • A’s annual appraisal identifies he needs to improve his timekeeping, get more done and become less argumentative
  • His individual programme includes the modules re Lateness, Attention Management, and Conflict Resolution
  • He works on these item by item over a 3 month period, during which his dedicated Coach supports him to integrate changes
  • This helps A get from A to B on his specifically identified development issues
  • In this way the programme helps companies ensure their appraisals are an active tool in the professional development of their staff

  • B’s 5 person management team is overburdened and struggling
  • As a group their programme includes the modules re Time To Think, Effective Delegation and Work/Life Integration
  • They work on these item by item over a 3 month period, and have the opportunity to work both privately and/or as a team with their dedicated Coach
  • This better equips them to perform their roles
  • The programme targeted here has impact throughout the organisation as the management team is Coached and supported to manage more effectively

  • C’s 12 person client service department needs to sharpen-up its performance for the sake of the whole company
  • Their group programme includes the modules re Meetings, High vs Low Value Uses Of Time, and Effective Communication
  • They work on these item by item over a 3 month period and embark on dynamic group Coaching with their dedicated Coach
  • They become better organised as a department and each individual can more effectively meet their specific responsibilities
  • Worked on as a department, the programme improves overall operating style for the benefit of both internal and external 'clients'

These are just a few of the many possible scenarios the programme has been designed to address

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