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Frequently Asked Questions About The Red Resource Work Performance Programme

  • Who Is It Suitable For?

Effectively EVERYONE, and certainly not only more junior or less experienced people.  We all develop working habits that may not be serving us, and tend to go on auto-pilot at times.  The Work Performance Programme creates an opportunity to look at the core areas of WHAT you’re doing and HOW you’re doing it, instead of just launching in as usual.  It also covers the other identified areas that impact everypone's performance at work. The content is deceptively simple yet delivers highly effective results.  All that’s required is the belief that there’s always room for improvement! 

  • How Much Time Does It Require?

Approximately an hour a week on average, at most. During each month, in week 1 : the time is required to absorb the material, give thought to the questions posed, work out how to implement and get to work on the Coaching Challenge(s).  In week 2 : the time is required to consider further material and adjust approach to the challenges for even better results.  In week 3 : the time is required to book and participate in an individual or group Coaching Session.  In week 4 : the time is required to reflect on results achieved and write and submit a brief report.  The process is however ongoing and the Coaching Challenges are specifically designed to be integrated into the day-to-day rather than be ‘extra’ things to do.  The challenges are met and the results obtained THROUGH trying out the tools, techniques and approaches, in practice, in the course of what is ‘usual’ work.

  • What Are The Most Likely Benefits?

Overall : a heightened awareness of approach; how people are going about things and how this impacts effectiveness.  A valuable ‘toolkit’ for the longer term through having EXPERIENCED the results of applying new tools, techniques, and approaches.  Knowledge of how to truly ‘pull out the stops’ when necessary.  A clear boost in general productivity.  Continuous upgrade in work performance via a virtuous circle of ‘accomplishment’.

  • What's The Ideal Length Of Time In The Programme?

As long as possible, however 3 months is widely held to be a period of time within which tangible results can be achieved through Coaching initiatives, hence this is the minimum recommended time.  It is known however that even pursuing just ONE module will make a difference.  While all the library modules successfully stand alone, they are also inter-related and build on each other.  There is clear added benefit in following the programme continuously over longer periods of time.

  • Which Topics Work Best?

All the topics included are proven to have a positive effect.  While some are more ‘reflective’, and some are more ‘active’, they are ALL designed to upgrade performance and effectiveness at work.  Those that very directly help people do their jobs better and make them literally more productive tend to be the first to be acknowledged as ‘working best’.  However, some of the topics have effects at deeper levels and in more indirect ways, impacting working relationships, satisfaction levels, and self-esteem, all of which have a beneficial knock-on effect in the workplace (and beyond).  Outside of the topics themselves, the simple fact of participating in a Work Performance Programme provides a unique opportunity to take stock of approaches, habits, working methods etc and fine-tune, which itself results in unquestionably improved performance.

  • What Exactly Is 'Guaranteed'?

Anyone participating in a Red Resource Work Performance Programme who has given the material their attention, worked on meeting the Coaching Challenges, attended their Group and/or Personal Sessions, and submitted their reports, and does not feel their performance, productivity, and effectiveness at work have been positively impacted at the end of the time period, will have their fees refunded.


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