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Comments From Past Programme Participants

“It has given me the opportunity to consciously review the way I work and plan my time.  With increasing deadline pressures and workloads, eventually old working practices are not enough”

“The programme got me thinking about what I do and how I do it rather than just doing it”

“It has forced me to reflect – to spend time on areas that need to be addressed that I often neglect.  In many ways it helped me to regain structure & discipline”

“This Coaching programme made me stop, think, and evaluate how I can improve my skills”


“It has given me tips and techniques that I hadn’t thought about before”

“It has made me THINK smarter”

“It is motivating and a real questioner of what you do”

“While on the surface the topics in themselves are not complicated, when implemented they did improve the way I work”

 “Good clever ideas – things I hadn’t seen before”


“The programme gave me some valuable tools to use in different professional situations”

“On the surface it all seems very logical & easy, but it really makes you take stock of how you work & more importantly how effective is the work you do”

“I appreciated having time to think about the WAY I work – it’s something I never really gave much thought”

“I was always encouraged by the organisation of my thoughts upon completing a Coaching challenge”

“This helped me see what I could REALLY achieve during a day!”


“I didn’t expect that the Group sessions would unite us in the way that they did”

“I was not expecting concrete results so quickly – that is very encouraging”

“All (topics) were useful because they make you re-evaluate what you’re doing”

 “It has had a major impact on my personal AND professional life”

 “This has made a big impact on the way I run my WHOLE life and I didn’t expect that”

“It gets you to review your approach and stresses the importance of the personal aspects as much as professional benefits.  Often training is so professionally oriented that it feels irrelevant to your life overall”


“The majority of people would get something out of the programme providing they are prepared to put something in”

 “This would particularly suit roles which are quite unstructured by nature as a lot of the challenges introduce an element of structure to your approach to work”

“The topics are relevant no matter what you do or who you are”

“Great for people at critical points in their careers, maybe on the verge of promotion”

“Whatever people have learned at whatever level they will always forget things eg simple tools to help them do their job better”


“The beauty of this programme is that employees don’t have to stop working to participate”

“You can put things into practice around you as and when you see fit without a big focus on you going on a course” 

“It is made very easy : limited material week by week, distraction free, can do in own time”

“An opportunity to develop your skills without taking any noticeable time out”


“Through recognising and actioning those areas that are easy to ignore, you are professionally far more constructive”

“I got an understanding of the things I can do to become more productive”

“It totally re-motivated me & helped me be less passive & much more pro-active”


“I would certainly recommend this programme – every company needs smart motivated people”

“Anything that would make employees more effective & productive would be a good investment”

“It has made me realise I can always contribute more than just the things on my To Do List”

“Coaching benefits everyone.  I think this is a wise investment by companies for staffers they value.  It shows that they’re investing in valued employees”

“It has helped me contribute more to (the company’s) growth through more efficient and more in-depth thinking for bigger and better things”

“I personally think that EVERYBODY can learn how to work better in general”

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