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Red Resource has been a source of education and inspiration for me and others in our company. The tailored programmes created the time and space for us to address blockages and face long-tolerated problems, and have resulted in boosted confidence and improved day-to-day output. A big win for a small outlay.
GT, Chief Operating Officer, London

I found my experience to be enormously rewarding and could not speak more positively of Heather's professionalism, dedication, and personal demeanor. Through this work I was able to achieve a great deal of clarity around key issues that were impairing my leadership skills in an environment where I oversee over 250 people. Heather helped me examine numerous options to overcome these barriers in exploring new possibilities. The progress I achieved was and continues to be of enormous value to me in both my short-term and long-term working style.
AR, President/Managing Partner, New York

I have had a chance to read through the employee comments. Very interesting and most very positive which is great. It should give you great satisfaction to know that you have had such a positive impact on so many people.
JK, Director Client Services, Bermuda
Want To Do Your Job Better?


Who Are You?

  • An individual who is ready to do your job better in some way?
  • A boss whose persistent wish is for your people to do THEIR jobs better?
  • A head of department or team leader who wants YOUR team to shine?
  • A training & development professional keen to expand your portfolio of options?

Red Resource Is For Everyone Who Has An Interest In Upgrading Performance And Effectiveness In The Workplace

  • We all have our habits and standard approaches, and whether we like it or not we all get ‘set in our ways'
  • We then operate in our own way, often without thinking, and have no real idea how effective we are or how much MORE effective we could be

  • Welcome to a very practical programme, where Coaching gets closest to Training but delivers much much more  (Around 80% more according to a fascinating study into the impact of training alone and training plus Coaching which found the productivity boost was 22% for the former and 88% for the latter!)

Red Resource Has Identified The 5 Areas That Impact EVERYONE'S Performance At Work

  • And created a library of exclusive material that has been developed over years of experience Coaching people in DIFFERENT kinds of work settings about the SAME kinds of things

  • Although Coaching is often very much about the uniqueness of us all as individuals, when it comes to what trips us up and gets in our way at work, it turns out we are in very many ways the same

Good News!

  • It means people can be helped to do their jobs better in a variety of ways

      • inexpensively
      • without taking any ‘time off’
      • and experience immediate results


Red Resource Offers Exclusive Material

  • Drawn from actual Coaching experience, inspired by some of the best thinking around, and most importantly ... PROVEN to work, this material is exclusive to and copyrighted by Red Resource

  • The entire library of exclusive Red Resource Work Performance material is used widely to deliver ADDED VALUE to all Red Resource clients

Red Resource Offers Structured Work Performance Programmes

  • A Red Resource Work Performance Programme offers this material tailor-made to meet the specific needs of individuals and groups/teams in a structured monthly format that includes real time support and interaction with their DEDICATED WORK PERFORMANCE COACH for a highly accessible fee


Red Resource Offers Real Results

  • Red Resource Work Performance Coaching works!  Each piece of material and the structured programme have been perfected over a number of years and are PROVEN to work, as highly cost effective Training/Coaching tools that focus effort to deliver the kind of results demanded by today's workplace

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