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I have a new found confidence and professional strength, I found the courage to make the changes for the future to professionally be the person I have always wanted to be, in the role I have always wanted to do. Iíve got my real self-back, a feeling of being honest to myself about who I am and what I can and will achieve given a little more positive thinking and effort. I feel I have already achieved so much with Heather that may not have been possible. Although the skills were always inside me, I had lost the map to the area of my confidence to make the changes. I now have emotional control and know that I have the tools to make myself as happy as I want to be. I have the ability to make a difference. I feel like I was hiding behind a company set role and had become a little blinkered to the fantastic opportunities ahead of me. I have valued the ease with which I found talking honestly and openly and I realise how much of what Iíve learned I am using day to day, and is retained knowledge for the future. I feel extremely privileged to have had this opportunity of a life changing experience and I would love to use your services again either for my self or any new team I may work with. Heather managed to open the door to the happy, professional, inspired, passionate, energetic, fun loving go-getter that had been stressing and hiding behind the desk in the dark corner! Thank you so much Ö
LB, London

I found my time with Heather very useful. It has given me a better understanding of myself, given me confidence in my professional ability and my value at work, and I feel better equipped to meet my goals. I now know I donít have to take huge leaps and bounds into the unknown to make things better. By perfecting my present and keeping an eye on the future, I can have a better time by adjusting things about myself rather than expecting things around me to change. With her background in the same industry, she understood the issues that I was facing and was able to give me a considered subjective view, which helped clarify my thinking (and made me realise I was being a burke some of the time!) It wasnít always an easy ride, I had to really think about things. We had a very good balance of in-depth probing and discussing issues but also had a lighthearted laugh, which made the whole experience very motivating.
JK, London
Want To Be Your Best Self At Work?
Opportunities For You To Benefit From Print Through Red Resource

  • As A Team, Company, Or Larger Organisation

Print offers a broad range of 'corporate' applications to positively impact your team, company or organisation.

Print is a new way to make the most of your talent by improving

  • personal productivity
  • interpersonal relations
  • team functioning
  • leadership performance
  • employee motivation 

Print is proven to enhance human connection, communication, and performance and effectiveness in the workplace.

Utilising Print in a 'corporate' context will usually involve  

  •   Print Identification

Via the online survey that delivers personal profiles and informs such tools as talent management, motivation, relationship reports and team diagnostics and beyond

  • Print Training

Fast paced, fun workshops for small and large groups, customised into different modules for different audiences, designed to work from top down

  • Print Coaching

To improve key relationships, practice Shadow Reduction tools, support the increase of 'Best Self', support the integration of newly learned concepts


Corporate fees vary depending on the size and scope of those included in the Printing and the Training and Coaching packages desired.

The most effective and economic programme tailored to your specific challenges and opportunities can be designed.

Ready to explore how YOU can use Print in YOUR team, company or organisation?

Contact Red Resource NOW to gain access to this unique personal and professional development tool.

Would you now like to see the Range of Corporate Applications Of Print?


  • As An Individual
A. Within An Individual Coaching Relationship

Print is a foundational Coaching tool and is offered and recommended to all individual Coaching clients for a small extra charge.  Print information is integrated into sessions and used continuously to support progress

Benefits noted are improvements in

  • coaching strategies
  • nature, pace, and amount of progress
  • depth of learning
  • degree of integration

In total : significantly more powerful Coaching!

Additional reports beyond the Print Identification Report are also available to individual Coaching clients, such as

  • trigger reports
  • productivity reports
  • relationship reports
  • best self survey

B. As The Focus For An Individual Coaching Relationship

Coaching can be specifically crafted around Print

Over the period of a month, you can take the Print Survey and

EITHER receive a full debrief, then have 2 further Coaching sessions specifically focused on your particular Print

OR work through an interactive Print Module to

  • make full use of the insights
  • be supported in starting to take action
  • apply the learning directly to the pursuit of your goals

C. As A ‘Stand-Alone’ Initiative

A Print Survey and Debrief session OR Insights follow-up note can also stand alone and deliver you immediate value in terms of self-awareness and potential behaviour management


The terms of the Print licensing agreement do not permit costs to be shown here on the website. 

Please contact Red Resource for this information and to gain access to this unique personal and professional development tool.

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