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Corporate Applications Of Print

Print is essentially a system of knowledge and practical tools. It has a broad range of applicability, with tremendous value added potential.  Print plays a significant role in helping organisations address and overcome many of their age old challenges such as

  • developing top flight leaders who keep their egos in check and really know how to motivate their people to bring out their best
  • creating competent supervision that has the ability to manage with confidence and communicate with skill and finesse
  • building superior teams that consistently tap into their collective strengths and avert interpersonal conflict and frustration
  • generating a highly productive workforce that is driven by self awareness, professional growth, and personal accountability
  • establishing a culture that balances the needs of its stakeholders, stays true to its mission, and is able to be mindful and supportive, yet productive and profitable

These applications and many others illustrate the enormous potential that Print can have on the successful functioning of an organisation.

In simple terms, the more people understand what motivates the people they are managing, working with, teaming with, communicating with....the more they can comprehend how others think, how they see the world, what they seek to avoid – the very things that Print tells them – the better their interactions will be and the more success they will experience in their outcomes.

Some of the various avenues that Print can be introduced into an organisation, so its core issues and challenges can be addressed are

  • Print Survey 
  • Overview of Print – core level training in Print that focuses on how Print can be used effectively by individuals and groups, whether a group is an existing team, a collection of individuals with a common goal, people with similar responsibilities, a task force, or simply a room full of individuals from the same organisation. 
  • Print Triggers and Trigger avoidance 
  • Print and Motivation 
  • Print and Shadow Reduction
  • The Best Self Survey – a 360º feedback mechanism that collects and aggregates how frequently someone is perceived to be in Best Self or Shadow.  
  • Print and Personal Productivity 
  • Print and Optimising Team Performance 
  • Print and Improving Work Dynamics: Relationship Enhancement
  • Print and Recruiting 

(© The Paul Hertz Group. All rights reserved. Excerpted with permission.)

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