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Want To Be Your Best Self At Work?

10 Reasons To Get ‘Printed’

1. You want to be your Best Self more of the time

2.  You need some help making sense of the puzzling behaviours that you often encounter and to explain why you may see something one way while others may view that same thing from an entirely different perspective

3.  You 'get' that understanding the 'unconscious motivators' that drive all of our behaviour and decisions is incredibly powerful!

4. You’d like to know why you sometimes communicate very effectively and behave quite positively and other times you don’t

5. You want to recognise your strengths (‘best self’) and shed light on things about yourself that can be improved so your relationships and interactions can be more productive

6. You feel you may be bringing out the ‘shadow’ side of others because you are doing or saying things that ‘trigger’ others ‘shadow’ behaviour

7. You want to work on managing YOUR ‘triggers’ so your 'shadow' doesn't get the better of you

8. You’re a  Manager or Leader and knowing your own Print and how it interacts with the Prints of your people (bosses and direct reports) will help you bring out the best in them, do a better job of developing them professionally, and of ‘managing-up’

9. You’re part of a team and know effective collaboration, cooperation, and team productivity all hinge on the members of a team trusting one another,  building on one another’s strengths, compensating for one another’s weaknesses, and showing respect for one another ... and all of these are greatly enhanced when Prints are known

10. You want to enhance your Individual or Team Work Performance Coaching ... having Print as a tool allows the Coach to have immediate and unique insight into each individual and team member, to facilitate forward movement much more quickly and effectively


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