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Our work with Red Resource using ‘Print’ has been a success on a number of levels. From first allowing our Management Team to better understand ourselves and each other enabling us to perform more effectively AS a team, to then rolling it out across the whole agency, providing everyone with not only their personal Print insights, but also new respect and the ability to collaborate better, through knowing more about their colleagues’ view of the world. We now have an additional language in the company and in a good natured way we all keep each other in Best Self. We have integrated Print into our whole Employee Journey; it adds a new dimension to explore best fit at recruitment stage, facilitates effective Talent Management, and adds depth to our appraisals. We find Print continuously supports us in being the best we can be and this fits our mission statement exactly.
LT, Chief Executive Officer, London
Want To Be Your Best Self At Work?

  • Do you know your Best Self?
  • Do you know what gets in the way of you being your Best Self?

Believe it or not our Best Self is our 'natural' state

Studies have shown that we are happier, more content, more productive, and perform better in all ways when we are our Best Self

  • Have you ever been frustrated with the people at work ?
  • Have they ever been frustrated with YOU?

We can often be puzzled by what others do and say, even puzzled by what we do and say ourselves at times!

Conflict in both personal and professional relationships can seem to happen out of nowhere and miscommunication can happen more often than we would like

You'll be well aware that the tension caused can significantly undermine your productivity!

And while it makes sense that other's perspectives and views of the world are generally different than yours, it's likely that you deal with them as if they were tuned into YOUR same frequency ... do YOU do this?

How might things be different (better!) if you could :

  • understand the motivations behind your own actions and the actions of others?
  • know what the triggers are that bring out your and their best and worst sides?
  • quickly improve how you get along?
  • boost how you get things done?
  • deepen your understanding of yourself?
  • give others the opportunity to finally understand you?


Red Resource is licensed to use Print® : a powerful system developed and owned by The Paul Hertz Group which makes available :

  • a revolutionary approach for understanding what makes people 'tick'
  • a new technology to dramatically improve communications and relationships
  • high impact techniques to bring out people's best traits and minimise their unproductive traits
  • an innovative way to bring work performance, teamwork, and leadership proficiency to improved levels

© The Paul Hertz Group. All rights reserved. Excerpted with permission.)

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