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The Best Thing A Boss Can Do For Their Workforce 

When you think about the first few months of this year, were they not as bad, or worse than you expected?  What ever the reality, it’s perception that makes the difference.  The difference in ability to lead, ability to perform, and crucially, ability to meet the new challenges and seize the new opportunities the current uncharted economic times present.

Multiply this same perception by each employee in a workforce and you have a measure of the human resilience of a business right now.  Most companies find themselves needing to achieve their targets and objectives with diminished resource, yet how can that happen if doubt, anxiety, and uncertainty pervade?

Red Resource doesn’t have a magic wand but DOES have the tools to bolster positivity and ensure the performance of a workforce.  Never has it been more important to pay attention to and properly manage talent.  Bosses need and deserve full return on investment from their payroll.  Their people need and deserve support to help them come through.

“Working life hasn’t felt this uncertain for a generation and we will all be under strain this year.  We can never control the economy or the job market, but we can control how we feel about it” (The Times 7.2.09)

Red Resource offers Talent Management Consultancy, Work Performance Coaching, and has developed two specifically packaged and priced initiatives designed to keep a workforce POSITIVE and help them be their BEST SELF in the workplace.  If this resonates, an investment of as little as £30 per person can deliver a range of benefits.

  • Positivity Initiative : From £30 per person
  • Best Self Initiative : From £55 per person 

Email :

Call : 07941 002902

Visit :

If you know any bosses and workforces that could also benefit, please help them by sending them here!

  • 3 Fundamental Questions

This month Red Coach invites you to take 3 minutes to think about these 3 fundamental questions :

1. How Much Of The Time Are You Your 'Best Self'?

Are you being who you want to be, playing to your strengths and leading with your most positive natural attributes?  Or are you being triggered into ‘shadow’ behaviour?

2. How Would You Rate Your Performance?

Whether you’re thinking about business results or your professional development, are you reaching potential?  What level of UNDERPERFORMANCE are you tolerating?

3. How Is It Going?

Are you on track with your goals for the year and living in line with your thoughts on what you wanted more of and less of?  Are you inspired by what’s ahead?

Red Resource has the easily integrated tools and cost accessible support you need to deliver answers you’re GUARANTEED to like better.

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  • 5 Things That Will Make A Difference

This month
Red Coach invites you to take 5 minutes to consider 5 Things That Will Make A Difference ...

    1. Change ONE Ingredient In The Recipe

    We each bake a unique cake when it comes to our lives, depending on the ingredients we put into the recipe.  All situations and circumstances are complex at one level, quite simple at another.  If YOUR cake doesn’t taste as you want it to, keep in mind that changing just ONE thing is all it takes to make it taste different.

    2. Review What You’re Saying YES To

    Who doesn’t have a full and busy life?  We tend to like it that way!  And while we’re good at spinning plenty of plates, we know it only takes one too many to make them ALL topple.  If you have natural enthusiasm and energy to keep YOUR plates spinning, then you’re saying YES to the right things for you.  If you’re experiencing resentment, frustration, dissatisfaction, and hear yourself saying ‘should’ and ‘have to’ a lot of the time, you’re probably not.

    3. Check For What You Might Be Saying NO To

    While it’s important to say NO to protect our time and attention for what we really want to do, there’s another aspect of NO that doesn’t serve us.  NO’s can be damagingly present in our lives in disguise.  If you’re 'waiting' examine your reason, it may be an excuse.  If you know you’re leaning back, what might happen if you leaned forward?  What are you secretly denying yourself?

    4. Pursue Peak Performance

    None of us knows what we’re truly capable of.  Alongside efforts to be the best version of ourselves has to be the idea of ‘ever better’ because the possibilities ARE endless.  What happens when we’re willing to stretch is a wonderful thing; we discover we are capable of more and more and thrive on it.  You deserve to know what YOUR peak performance feels like.  And you deserve to know what peak performance from those around you feels like too.

    5. Switch Off

    We humans thrive on connection and technology supports us in all kinds of ways to stay seamlessly connected.  In the midst of this our connection with ourselves tends to take a backseat, yet it’s a simple habit to pause between one task or event and the next, take just a minute ‘off’, set aside 20 minutes to meditate.  See and for some tools.  Wherever you go there you are, so you’re going to want to keep THIS connection healthy!  If you switch off from time to time you can better tune-in to yourself.

    Contacting Red Coach for a free consultation could make the biggest difference of all!

  • Dear Red Coach

“I’ve been a big fan of Coaching since I benefited from it personally some time ago, in fact I would have loved to have continued.  But the problem is our budget for training and development is really tight - as a boss it’s hard to work out the best way to utilise it ... and I can’t keep using it just for myself, can I???  Things would really improve around here if everyone could just sharpen up a bit.  I can think of a good handful of people whose performance could be a lot better.  And there’s one team in particular that’s really struggling.  What can I do to integrate Coaching in the best way to make a real difference at this company?”

RC : I’m glad to hear you speak so positively about your personal Coaching.  Many people find themselves in the situation you describe : training and development budgets are tight at most companies these days and enlightened bosses who want to mount Coaching initiatives struggle with how best to do that.

A logical approach is a ’cherry-picking’ one, and it works in exactly the same way as any decision around where to focus action, in situations where many things COULD be done but not all CAN be - you look for what will have the biggest positive impact and focus there.

  • Where would an upgrade in performance make the BIGGEST difference?

It’s likely that YOU receiving personal Coaching has a sizeable positive impact as it helps you be a better boss, and that in turn causes a beneficial ripple effect for everyone who works for and with you.  However I appreciate your discomfort with using the available budget just for yourself!

If the people you’re thinking of whose individual performance is lacking are in key positions in your company, whether that’s outward/client facing, or they’re more important internally, perhaps leading departments and/or have a number of people reporting to them, then the positive impact of their upgrade could also be immense through a similar ripple effect.

You’ll probably be interested to know that EVERYONE sharpening-up their performance a bit is a desire I hear loud and clear from just about every boss I encounter!  And it’s this that in large part inspired the development of the self-contained pieces of Coaching now housed in The Red Coach Work Performance Library; simple, practical, human and effective Coaching that can be delivered to individuals, teams/groups of all sizes, and even to whole companies very time and cost efficiently.  Work performance upgrade accomplished ‘en masse’ can have massive positive impact indeed.

When you have made your choice based on this ‘biggest positive impact’ idea, I encourage you to set-up a free consultation, as Red Coach can meet your needs across the spectrum with :

  • Top Tier Coaching - for senior people like yourself that provides an objective ‘sounding board’ and confidential space to explore and address performance stumbling blocks and other problem areas

All that being said, Red Coach can also offer you a way to NOT HAVE TO CHOOSE!

A very effective way to use your available budget is to secure a regular Coaching resource that you can utilise and apply to ALL of the above and more. 

‘In-House Coach’ is a uniquely flexible service, offered by Red Coach specifically to serve the multiple and changing needs of today’s workplace on a half-day or full-day per month basis. 

For a small percentage of monthly outgoings (and around the same cost as 2-3 people being Coached individually), a business can have an ‘In-House Coach’ to deploy where the Coaching will have the biggest positive impact EACH MONTH, and potentially benefit significantly more. 

It offers great flexibility and numerous options, allowing individual, team, and whole company Coaching requirements to come into one ‘package’ - meaning these no longer have to be either/ors.

As the time on any Coaching day can be used in a great variety of ways, the opportunity to benefit can be made available to the whole company, from the top down via :

  • individual sessions and team/group sessions for different specific issues each time
  • continuing work on longer term goals month by month
  • Top Tier Sounding Board Sessions
  • specific topic work performance Coaching for groups of any size

I hope you will see from the range of options available that your budget, tight though it may be, can be used very effectively. 

A great first step would be to contact Red Coach to discuss your specific needs and to help you determine how.

Good luck! RC

  • Rewarding Reading

Can you think of a time when fear has stood in your way of moving forward? 
Guess what? 
We all can!

Susan Jeffers well and truly ‘normalises’ fear in Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

This book comes into the category of classic wisdom I feel, as it was written in 1987 and contains one of the soundest and most actionable points of view on the human condition around … and this author knew The Secret long before The Secret was made so public!

She puts forward practical solutions to re-programme our outlook, tune out our negative ‘chatterbox’, and learn to think positively.  While her very detailed methods and practices might be a bit full-on for many of us, it’s easy to see how beneficial following some of her strategies could be. 

You’ll immediately relate to the many real life stories she includes to illustrate familiar fear-bound scenarios we often find ourselves in, and you’ll find a great deal of comfort in learning :

  • there’s no evidence that negative outcomes are more realistic than positive ones
  • the only way to move forward is to veer off course and continually correct
  • there’s a way to make every decision a right one

This 200 page fast read abundantly meets the Red Coaching criteria of simple, practical, human, and effective. 

I encourage you to read this book to channel your fear away from causing you pain to giving you power, and to be shown how and why you can handle anything life brings your way.

  • Worth-A-Look Website

It can often feel like there’s a distinct lack of fun in our lives …
On a scale of 1-10, where would you put YOUR current ‘fun factor’?

I was irresistibly drawn to The 8 Irresistible Principles Of Fun website, an offering from Coach Michael Bungay Stanier who was last year’s Canadian Coach of the Year. 

Here it will take less than 10 minutes of your time to watch a colourful and engaging animated presentation that has evidently already been seen by half a million people in 150 countries of the world. 

It offers a simple and human perspective that is down-to-earth, challenging, and enjoyably thought-provoking.  The principles themselves are in a Stop/Start format, you get one of each under the 4 broad categories of :

  • get focused
  • be creative
  • use your wisdom
  • take action

It is illustrated throughout with some great quotations from individuals as varied as Picasso to Martin Luther King, taking in all manner of philosophers from all kinds of walks of life along the way.

If the ideas really resonate for you it’s possible to buy items depicting the 8 principles in the form of screensavers, decks of cards etc, but there’s even more food for thought on offer here for free :

  • another animated presentation called The 5.75 Questions You’ve Been Avoiding which is shorter (6 minutes) but concerns bigger and more profound ‘life’ questions
  • a 5 part e-course called The 5 Questions For A Life Of Fun, Inspiration & Action which contains some quintessential self-Coaching material

You’ll be taken to the page offering these as soon as the first presentation finishes.

I like what this Coach is doing and how he’s doing it ... I hope you’ll visit : and explore for yourself. 

All of the material there is based on the proposition : ‘Don’t just be good. Be great. And, have fun along the way’.

I for one find myself nodding emphatically to that!

  • Dear Red Coach

“I’m responsible for the team that handles one of our most important pieces of business and usually enjoy the challenge of managing the diverse personalities and variety of talent of the team members.  I’m aware though that things could be better, and they need to be because a) our clients are getting more and more demanding, and b) I want MY team to shine!  What can I do to help us all be our best as individuals and as a team?  So we not only function better but can also enjoy turning in what has to be a spectacular performance?”

Red Coach :  First I want to commend YOU for taking responsibility for your team being its best.  Everyone’s work performance would improve immeasurably if all ‘managers’ could take this approach - we can only thrive in conditions that allow us to!

It’s often forgotten that teamworking is a skill in itself as it’s such a norm in today’s workplace.  Yet it doesn’t always come naturally and it can be a hotbed of conflict and difficulty. 

Through experience, fellow Coach Gary Duckworth has determined that teams work at 1 of 4 levels : Fluid, Functional, Dysfunctional, Toxic.

  • What level would you put yours at now?
From what you’ve said, somewhere in the middle?  Largely functional with some pockets of dysfunction?

The good news is there are a variety of approaches you can take to improving the way YOUR team works - to get it working at that optimum ‘Fluid’ level.

To determine the BEST approach, the one that will have the biggest positive impact, you need to identify what the stumbling blocks are that are impeding prime performance now …

  • Is it lack of respect for each other’s contributions?
  • Some personalities triggering others into unhelpful, unco-operative behaviour?
  • Lack of skill in resolving conflict when it arises?

If you spend a week closely observing what goes on when you feel things go wrong, or outcomes are not what you want them to be, you’ll gain some valuable clues for where to target your efforts to achieve the upgrade in performance you’re looking for.

There’s an entire section of the Red Coach Library devoted to the issue of teamworking and the results of working on such topics as Conflict Resolution, Effective Communication, Managing Up Down & Around, and Emotional Intelligence within the Red Coach Work Performance Programme could be just what you need!

An additional or alternative initiative would be to get your team ‘Printed’ and then utilise the specific Team Diagnostic tool available. This provides an analysis of your team’s drivers, enhancers, gaps and blocks, based on the unique personalities of all the team members and the particular ways in which they interact.

You can without doubt enhance your team’s performance.  I encourage you to get started with the ‘observation’ phase now and invite you to contact Red Coach very soon for the tools and support you need.

Good luck! RC

  • Rewarding Reading

Do you ever give much thought to HOW you listen?

Time to Think- Listening to Ignite the Human Mind by Nancy Kline
examines how both thinking in groups and in pairs can become more effective through attention to our listening behaviours.

Kline identifies that there are two main obstacles which block our ability to listen to one another effectively :

  • almost before we have heard and acknowledged a situation, we are wanting to provide a solution. This often manifests in interruption and lack of understanding of what we are being told
  • our own limiting assumptions which ‘filter’ how we interpret what we hear so that we often miss ‘natural’ answers to situations hence further conflict or difficulties result.

In part one she describes her model of The Thinking Environment™ which consists of ten essential behaviours which encourage people to think for themselves. She explores these ten behaviours and explains why thinking alongside an attention giving ‘human thinking partner’ is more productive than thinking alone.

The process requires ‘incisive questions’ from an active listening partner in order to challenge the limiting assumptions that one may experience when thinking alone. It is essentially a collaborative approach to ensuring that the most effective and beneficial thinking can take place.

In part two, Kline takes these ideas into organisations and describes the six steps to a Thinking Session. The ideas here focus on meetings and how to find ideas more quickly. What is most powerful is the emphasis on how to create a structure of respect wherein everyone gets heard, and she has some tried and tested methods for ensuring that this happens.

Parts one and two are practical and contain useful ‘how to’s’, part three is wider ranging and inspirational : Kline discusses the potential of a global thinking environment and its possibilities. She applies her ideas to diverse areas of our social and private worlds - and it is food for thought indeed!

Whereas much of the content is nothing new in terms of theory (that adequate time and space lends itself to more effective attention and resolution), these ideas are important ones.

The book has a great format which makes it both practical and accessible, you can use it as a reference or hand book and dip in and out of it where it is most relevant to you. 

I also found its style conducive to mapping a thinking environment into known situations; lots of bullet points and lists and practical ideas alongside case studies. Best of all, there is a multitude of ideas regarding how to implement better ways to think and how to manage this in ALL environments, so almost everyone should be able to benefit, at least in part, from reading it.

(Reviewed by Associate Red Coach Alice Whitney,

  • Worth-A-Look Website

How would you like a break from the mental chatter that’s constantly with you?

‘Mental chatter’ certainly strikes a chord with me - I could never identify a time when my head is not full of thoughts, ideas, possibilities, and observations.  It’s not that I don’t like it that way, it’s an exciting jumble, yet it can be exhausting.

Meditation is a disciplined practice designed to provide some time and space to calm our minds, connect more deeply with ourselves, and thereby achieve greater peace, contentment, and clarity.  But as it’s often associated with religious, spiritual, and sometimes what can seem ‘out there’ activities, there can be some resistance to it.

It’s not exactly easy either for chattering minds to achieve a meditative state!

But visit and you’ll find a range of 37 downloadable guided meditations that promise to get you there, deliver the benefits, and bring you back again, all in the space of around 20 minutes.

I like their positioning of meditative practice as entertainment as it makes it much more approachable and accessible.  The ‘journeys’ you are taken on are down-to-earth, credible, and enjoyable.  And I have to say in my experience they work!  I emerge relaxed and refreshed, and with a cumulative benefit of much greater clarity around all kinds of things.

I encourage you to take 20 minutes to try it for yourself : at the website you can instantly experience ‘Secret Garden’ designed for calmness and peace of mind completely free. 

Unlimited access to all 37 meditations, covering aspects of self development, self discovery, relaxation, and well being for a 6 month period is just £25/$49.  You’ll find meditations relating to a great variety of situations among them, you can listen to a 2 minute sample of each before downloading to your computer or ipod, and you can then share them or keep just for yourself as you wish.

I hope you’ll visit for a break from YOUR mental chatter soon.

  • Dear Red Coach
"I’ve been told I’m good at my job and of course I like to think I am, but deep down I know I’m not achieving like I used to and the results are just not there.  I’m doing what has always worked for me before but I’m wondering if there might be better ways to go about things?  And what do others know that I don’t?  Because I feel sometimes like I might have missed some of the real basics about putting in a great performance at work!  Can you help?

Red Coach :  It’s good that you’re being so honest with yourself and seeking to upgrade your performance at work.  Unless we review our approaches from time to time we never know how much more we’re capable of!

We owe it to ourselves (as well as to our employers) to explore how to do and be better at our jobs.  A participant in a Red Coach Work Performance Programme had this to say about her experience :
“It has given me the opportunity to consciously review the way I work and plan my time. With increasing deadline pressures and workloads eventually old working practices are not enough”.
Many people feel as you do and it makes sense in today’s competitive workplace.

According to Richard Koch author of The 80/20 Rule, one of the lowest value uses of our time is doing things the way they’ve always been done.  While I’m a believer in the sentiment ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, that deep down feeling you have is trying to tell you something ... you’re READY to do your job better! 

A good start for you, and anyone feeling this same way, is to enter your details in the box at the bottom of this page to be sent the Red Coaching about High vs Low Value Uses Of Time - an essential first step in doing your job better is getting a clear sense of the relative impact of your work activities, and then committing to the higher value ones.

Are you ready to take a good look at all aspects of your work approach to identify the areas most in need of improvement? 
And do you have an idea of what, if you were doing it better, would have the biggest positive impact on your self-esteem and sense of fulfilment at work and beyond? 
The way YOU feel is an important part of the equation!

Some initial areas to consider are :

  • Are a lot of the meetings you agree to attend wasting your time? 
  • Are you putting up with situations and conditions that you have to manage around?
  • Do you get enough time to think?
  • Are you delegating effectively?
  • How good are you at saying No?

Attending to these issues will mean THE CONTEXT for your work is one that is conducive to great performance rather than standing in your way.
With this streamlined, you can then move on to experimenting with some NEW TOOLS AND STRATEGIES for actually getting your work done.

Would you like to :

  • Coast through your working day rather than it be an uphill struggle?
  • Know you’ll accomplish everything on your To Do List any given day?
  • See every project as approachable instead of overwhelming?
  • Harness more of your brain power?

All of the work context and work approach items above (and more) are available in the Red Coach Library for you to be Coached on to integrate into your working methods.  All come complete with Coaching Challenges to work on and Personal Coaching support to ensure your success.  The Red Coach Work Performance Programme has been created and easy access to the material made available precisely because so many people run into these kinds of problems at work.  And the good news is : the material is proven to work! 

I invite you (and others in a similar position) to contact me to find out how to gain access to this unique library.  I know you’ll find some focused attention in just a few areas can deliver significant improvement in your performance and effectiveness at work.

Good luck! RC

  • Rewarding Reading

How much do YOU trust your instinct and intuition?

In Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, (also author of the The Tipping Point ) the extraordinarily perceptive and deceptive power of the sub-conscious mind is explored. The major claim is that decisions made very quickly can be every bit as good as a decision made cautiously and deliberately.  The subtitle of the book is : The Power Of Thinking Without Thinking.

What we are actually doing is what the author calls ‘thin-slicing’ when we leap to a decision or have a hunch.  Our unconscious is sifting through the situation in front of us looking for a pattern, throwing out the irrelevant information and zeroing in on what really matters.

Like The Tipping Point, this book is informative, accessible and entertaining.
The stories, scientific findings and psychological tests are consistently surprising, whether he is dealing with :

  • speed-dating
  • record promotions
  • police shoot-outs
  • the human face
Blink is well-written with a fluent, enjoyable style, and is full of amusing vignettes.

The book shows how we can improve our instinctive ability to know in an instant, helping us to bring out the best in our thinking and become better decision-makers in our homes, offices and in everyday life.

It also looks at the degree to which culturally determined preconceptions and prejudices control us and can take our instincts off track ... it explains why utter mediocrities can sometimes end up in positions of enormous responsibility or why tall people earn substantially more than their shorter colleagues!

Just as he did with his revolutionary theory of 'the tipping point', Malcolm Gladwell reveals how the power of ‘blink' could fundamentally transform our relationships, the way we consume, create and communicate, how we run our businesses and even our societies. 

He contends you'll never think about thinking in the same way again!

  • Worth-A-Look Website

Reach calls itself The Human Branding Company and its belief is :

 ‘what makes you unique makes you successful’.

  • What words would people use to describe YOU?
  • What is YOUR Personal Brand?

Developed by behavioural psychologists and branding experts, ‘360° Reach’ is a web-based personal brand assessment that helps you get the real story about how you are perceived by those around you. 

Whatever your position, having honest feedback about who you are and what makes you stand out enables YOU to manage your career or business or personal success.

Through this tool, you can obtain this external input from anyone with an email address, so you can poll as many of your peers, managers, clients, family and friends as you wish.
They submit their responses anonymously (so they can be REALLY honest!) and the system automatically consolidates all the feedback you receive.
You can have unlimited use of the tool for 30 days for around £15/$30.

Get ready to gain some true insights and become greatly enlightened ...
I was of course gratified to see my listing of positive attributes and strengths, yet I found my greatest learning in the comments around greatest weaknesses! 
The assessment goes beyond the usual also by utilising some projective tools in the questioning and exploring perceptions of team role.

MY experience with 360°Reach was eye-opening!

Not only that, this information is focused on development and not solely on appraisal - the insights are actionable. 

It satisfyingly aligns with the thought :

'if you know yourself you can grow yourself'

If YOU would like to take the chance out of hearing what is said about you in passing, and actively seek some critical feedback to expand YOUR success, visit : 

  • Dear Red Coach

“I enjoy leading my team but there’s a problem : I seem to clash constantly with another department head who is exactly the same level of seniority as me. 
It’s getting me down personally and it isn’t only ME it’s holding back professionally - I know it’s getting in the way of the results the whole business can achieve. 
We have to work closely together and I want things to be better - what can you suggest?”

Red Coach : I’m sorry to hear of the personal conflict you’re experiencing - it can be very draining in all kinds of ways, and it happens A LOT both in and outside of the workplace.

Conflicts are made up of :

  • Ingredients - the people concerned, their personality, ideas, values etc
  • Conditions - the contributing factors (physical, emotional, psychological)
  • Spark - the immediate event that sets things off

When you think carefully about the details of your clashes with this particular individual, do you notice any repeating patterns regarding the Conditions and the Spark?
Monitor what happens over the course of a week and see what you find.  I think you’ll gain some helpful insight by doing this, and can then be more focused in your attempts to do and be different so as to improve things.

What ever the Conditions and Spark however, I believe exploration of the Ingredients ie you and your work associate as individuals will be the most helpful.
We all have our unique way of seeing the world and we all have ‘best self’ and ‘shadow’ traits.  It sounds like you two are triggering each other’s ‘shadow’ when I would guess you’d BOTH much rather be your best selves more of the time!

The kind of insights you could gain through being Printed™ would enable you to understand yourself better and learn how to manage your ‘shadow’ behaviour in the presence of what are YOUR particular triggers.  This is something every one of us could benefit from in fact. 

And if you were both willing to be
Printed™ and share your information with each other, I know you’d move toward a greatly improved working relationship through new understanding and increased mutual respect. 

I encourage you to explore the Bring Your Best Self To Life section here to find out how this tool can help you emotionally AND practically.

On the practical front, there are different approaches you can take regarding ‘action’ in situations like this. 

Somewhat limited, but nevertheless worth a try, are things JUST YOU can do ... so what could you adjust and/or how could you be different so the patterns you and your work associate have fallen into don’t re-occur?  Remember even a small adjustment is likely to cause a different response, and if you choose that adjustment carefully, the response is likely to be better!

Usually more effective are things THE TWO OF YOU can do, and this requires you both

  • to acknowledge you are making a contribution to the conflict situation
  • to want to improve things

And that’s because it requires a specific kind of communication - something that inevitably breaks down in situations of conflict as it becomes less direct, the emotional element usually increases and real understanding goes down. 

Is this what’s happened in your case?

If and when you are BOTH ready to work on it, you can begin the process of unlocking your conflict and move on from each of your ‘positions’ to instead (and more fruitfully) work with your ‘interests’ - these terms come from the world of Mediation which is all about win/win solutions, and The Red Coach Do & Be Better Library contains Red Coaching around Conflict Resolution that is drawn in part from here. 

When you are willing and able to have ‘Fierce’ conversations (see Rewarding Reading below) either with a 3rd party present or just between the two of you, I know you’ll be well on your way to removing the obstacle this conflict currently represents.

Good luck! RC

  • Rewarding Reading

All of us engage in conversations all of the time but how often do we give thought to how we bring ourselves and others INTO a conversation and what we get OUT of them?

How differently would we approach our conversations if we thought this might be the most important conversation we’ll ever have?

In Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott the author suggests our work, our relationships, and our lives succeed or fail one conversation at a time.  While no single conversation is guaranteed to transform a company, a relationship, or a life, any single conversation CAN.  We are therefore urged to always participate in our conversations as if it matters ... because it does!

The book explains and expands The Seven Priniciples of Fierce Conversations

  • Master the courage to interrogate reality
  • Come out from behind yourself into the conversation and make it real
  • Be here, prepared to be nowhere else
  • Tackle your toughest challenge today
  • Obey your instincts
  • Take responsibility for your emotional wake
  • Let silence do the heavy lifting

The practical application of these principles is illustrated with real life examples chapter by chapter in a simple and very readable way, and their power to transform is clear.  We will all recognise the situations where what really NEEDS to be talked about isn’t ... elephant in the room, anyone?

I particularly like this author’s of course ‘fierce’ and no-nonsense style, and that she includes not only the ‘what’ but a significant amount of ‘how to’ on the subject.  Indeed the User’s Guide at the end is specifically designed as a starting point to establish the idea of ‘fierce conversations’ and get them going around you.

Introducing this into the culture of organisations would undoubtedly have a tremendously positive effect.  But what I have experienced again and again is that applying even a small percentage of what’s suggested ourselves at the individual level can be transformational.  It’s easy to achieve a very effective communication upgrade!  

This book will be of interest to anyone seeking to achieve success at work and in life, one conversation at a time.

My thanks to fellow Coach Andrew Finkelstein ( for initially recommending this book to me.

  • Worth A Look Website

Many of us make the effort to consider ‘the bigger picture’ but just how big a ‘bigger picture’ do we look at? 

Some people’s earlier education took in the great thinkers from around the world but mine didn’t, and I have found joy and much more filling this gap through Practical Philosophy.

There are schools of Practical Philosophy in many locations … see below for the appropriate site for you to visit to find out more.  I myself have attended both the London & New York schools.

Practical Philosophy offers an effective and novel approach to the great questions of life like: Who am I? What am I doing here? What am I meant to be doing? How can I be happy? How can I reduce stress and still be effective?

It shows how these universal questions are not of passing theoretical interest, but are in fact an effective guide to life and how it can be lived to the fullest.

It is a philosophy of seeing clearly and applying simple principles that will allow you to

  • Increase your awareness
  • Become more confident and self-assured
  • Overcome the limiting effects of negative emotions
  • Discover purpose and satisfaction in the world
  • Be more productive and, at the same time, be free of stress

The 10 week Introductory Course offers an entirely practical approach to the study and practice of the philosophical principles governing human society. It draws from the great teachings of East and West, and provides guidance for a deeper understanding of ourselves, the world in which we live and the purpose of human life, and a fresh way of dealing with the challenges that we face day to day.  And as a PRACTICAL Philosophy, it is easy to test in experience and to apply.

No prior knowledge is needed – simply a desire to know oneself and enjoy life more fully.

Introductory Courses are offered at the schools in January, April & September, you can attend at various times, and the course fee is inexpensive.

Visit these sites if YOU would like to learn more about the link between great ideas and a great life in the UK in the US

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