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A Tale Of Two Optimists

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. 


Optimist 1 was only too aware of the challenging business environment, yet saw the opportunity to deepen her client relationships, venture boldly with new initiatives, and step-up her performance to see what she could make happen. 


Optimist 2 was certainly used to seeing the glass half full, yet he woke up day after day to continuing uncertainty in the headlines, various friends still being laid-off, and he couldn’t help but notice the still worried faces of his bosses at work.


The phenomenon of ‘learned optimism’ is well-documented, but what’s happening a lot is ‘learned pessimism’.  Across all business sectors, even some of the most determined optimists are struggling with the continuing contagious effects of uncertainty in the air.


This may or may not apply to YOU personally.  It almost certainly applies to a percentage of every workforce however, and added to those who are pessimistic by nature, this is a seriously damaging outlook for any business in the current climate, whether the downturn has in fact upturned, returned or flatlined out there.


Red Resource doesn’t have a magic bullet, but does have a specifically designed initiative to keep workforces positive and bolster the resilience everyone in a workforce needs to navigate the business and economic uncertainty we’re all living through. 

Many members of today’s workforces have never known difficult times, so how can they be expected to know how to cope?  Equipping them to do their best for the business is the best way to help a business come through.


Even when the downturn debate is over, it is ALWAYS the best of times for bosses to do something like this for those on whom their business depends. 


Email to be sent an outline of the 4 week Positivity Initiative that will make a difference bosses and employees will ALL welcome from the start.  

The investment can be as little as £30 per person for results that have a long lasting impact on work performance : 


The biggest value of working through the Positivity module for me was the recognition that you can rely on yourself and not luck to determine how well your day goes and how successful your work is. In a very simple and practical way, I have been able to adapt my outlook and behaviour and most importantly know to presume less and believe more for a more positive outcome” (LD, Employee, London)


Red Resource is passionately committed to making differences that matter in the workplace, and looks forward to making a difference in yours. 

If you know of any bosses or workforces who could benefit, please help them by sending them here!

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