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Costing Overview

The cost of working with Red Resource is primarily determined by :

  • format - Talent Management and Work Performance services can be delivered in-person, through phone/skype/webcam, or via email
  • numbers - delivery can be 1-1 or 1-many

More about format

  • In-Person

Where location, proximity, and matching of schedules make it possible, on-site In-Person activity is a strong preference.  It delivers many benefits in terms of depth and breadth of knowledge about an organisation, and very much increases ‘commitment’ to attitudinal and behavioural adjustment, on both a company-wide and individual level. 

  • Phone/skype/webcam

Voice-voice interactions work well and particularly in combination with other formats of delivery like In-Person and Email.  Utilising phone/skype/webcam erases all issues of location and proximity, can be more convenient, and is even said by some to facilitate greater honesty and clarity of thought and expression.

  • Online/Email

Full utilisation of technology and a belief in people's self-motivation have always been to the fore for Red Resource so online communications and 'virtual' relationships have become something of a norm.  It can make this kind of work highly cost-efficient and is proven to be very successful at delivering results, particularly when supplemented with a measure of interaction in other formats.  As well as being a delivery vehicle in its own right, 'text' dialogue is also effective as an interim tool between In-Person and Voice dialogue.


ALL Red Resource initiatives and programmes can be delivered 'virtually'.

More about numbers

  •  1-1

The most private and ‘individualised’ way to work with Red Resource.  Not necessarily the most costly - it depends on delivery format.  A measure of private and individualised support included within programmed initiatives can be highly effective.

  • 1-Many

There are clear cost efficiencies in working with more than one individual at one time whatever the delivery format.  ‘1-many’ covers a range from business partnerships and leadership teams of 2-10, to teams, departments or groups numbering 10 or more, to even larger ‘whole company’ groups of 20, 40, 60+.



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