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The Story Of Red Resource 

On a cold winter’s day in November 1991, Red Resource was launched!

Armed with research & strategic planning experience, & computer, phone, & fax machine, from a thatched cottage in the Cotswolds UK, the mission was a simple one :
to provide whatever resource was needed, working on things Heather was interested in, for people she liked. 

Early projects remained in her planned 'strategic consultancy' territory. 

But then Heather discovered TV, (or did TV discover her?)  Work with various channels had her travelling far & wide throughout the mid-90’s.

Living near Oxford all this time inspired Heather also to continue & broaden her education. She got to explore counselling, group-work, facilitation, criminology, mediation, and added much to her ‘toolkit’ this way. 

Then the best reason in the world to take a break happened :
Jacob Jack arrived in March 1998 & was joined by Polly Bella in July 2000.

Not that taking this break meant doing nothing! 

Heather's continuing desire to take her skills & experience into new territory found its target in the emerging area of Professional Coaching.  She pursued Coach U's Coach Training Programme & became a member of the International Coach Federation.

1999 saw the launch of Red Coach to signify a new prime activity for Red Resource.  And Heather enjoyed applying her creativity and strategic thinking to the delivery of Coaching services.  Uniquely accessible material and programmes focused on the key challenges of today's workplace have been created and branded as Red Coaching.

Red Resource has been based in Yorkshire, Oxfordshire, London and New York at various times during its existence, and clients have been served around the globe from temporary bases as diverse as Sicily, Israel and Bermuda.  Red Resource is proud to be able to serve clients based anywhere in the world FROM anywhere in the world.  

Heather's closeness to a variety of companies and the individuals in them, coupled with the unprecedented challenges of the global economic and business climate has prompted a further evolution in service and offerings. The concept of Talent Intelligence has been developed through creative and successful application of the 'Print' insight instrument, to not only optimise workforces today but also nurture entrepreneurial spirit and better populate the workforces of tomorrow.

Red Resource provides Talent Expertise & Work Performance Coaching to individuals, companies & organisations of all kinds; on a one-to-one, team, larger group  & whole company basis; in-person, by phone/skype/webcam, & through email; tailored to individual needs & via original material and programmes.

Red Resource is passionately committed to helping organisations make the most of their people, and people make the most of themselves.


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