Heather Harris
Work Performance & Talent Expertise

On A Mission To Raise Levels Of 'Talent Intelligence'

How 'Talent Intelligent' Are You?

   Do you know what you're NATURALLY best at?
Do you know how to GET THE BEST OUT OF OTHERS?
Do others know how to get the best out of YOU?


Make The Most Of The Talent In Your Company

  • No matter how long an employee is with you, your business needs their best. And there’s a return on investing in EVERYONE'S performance in your workplace (because the last thing any business needs is any of what it’s paying any of its people going down the drain)

Make It Two-Way 


  • Talent 'Management' only makes sense as a joint (employer-employee) undertaking ... there needs to be 'Talent Intelligence' as well as 'Emotional Intelligence' alongside everyone's basic IQ in today's workplace, for the benefit of both sides of the equation.

Make A Key Driver Of Employee Engagement Work For You

  • We're all happier, more content and more productive when we're our Best Self. When we can play to our strengths and make our unique contribution. Better understanding this is the route to smarter deployment, better teamwork and avoiding costly hiring mistakes.


Red Resource Has Created A Way To Boost 'Talent Intelligence'
For Businesses & Organisations Of All Kinds
Simply, Practically, & Highly Effectively

(And For A Suprisingly Small Financial Investment)

Through initiatives and a suite of resources that are at the same time empowering tools for employees and management tools for bosses
and that can be used in either a contained or comprehensive way


At Least Do This

  • Today a 'best self' mission needs to be an operating hygiene factor. Whatever else you are or are not doing to optimise your own and the performance of your workforce, arm yourself with these new kinds of insights to become more 'Talent Intelligent' NOW.

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